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I love the trendy tapes. The jawbreakers and jellies are very cool too! Can't wait to use them!


Wow! I love it all! Especially the washi tape.

Lucy E.

I love the rainbow washi and the Jawbreakers!

Kim Street

I am a washi tape addict. I would love to add your fantastic line to my collection. One can never have too much washi tape :)

Pamela Fairchild

I'd love the jawbreakers and any of the washi tape sets, all are fantastic.

Linda Schmidt

I love them all but the rainbow colored washi tapes I love and the jawbreakers!!

Cynthia B.

The new trendy tapes are awesome!! The jawbreakers are super-cute too. :)

Tami McDaniel

I love the bright Halloween Washi tapes. So many fun things.

Denise Parcells

My favorite releases is your washi! I absolutely love my little collection and keep buying your fun washi, so I'm sure I'll end up getting my hands on a bunch of your new ones. I REALLY love the one that looks like stitched denim (and the stitching in yellow is a great touch). I'm a denim addict, lol!

Janet Cobb

I love the Christmas Washi tapes! Kinda getting me in the mood...to start my Christmas cards!

Linda M

Love the jawbreakers!


Candy and tape how can life get any better!
I have classes at Scrapbook Expo and can hardly wait!
Animal Washi tape and Purple Candy!

Shirley Barker

I love the washi tape in the rainbow dots!

Linda Wells

I love all of your Washi tapes. The jawbreaker colors are wonderful


Gotta have those animal print washi's! When & where????

Kim Schultz

I love the stripe, chevron and paint splatter tape!!

Kay Dell Whitlock

The halloween tapes are the cutest ever. Love the spidy tape but maybe love the spooky eyes even more....darling!!!

Cat Jewels

I love the animal print tapes!

Lyn Kaufmann

What great new goodies! I want to play with all the polka dots, then the chevrons, but first out of all-the spooky eyes washi tape!!!


Loving the country look trendy tapes and all the jaw breakers and jellies!


Tough choice but I'd go with the purple jawbreakers, & cow print and rainbow zigzag washi tapes, at least at this moment.

Bonnie Isabelle

Black/gray jawbreakers, black polka dot corners and red/snowflake washi tape...for starters. I would take 1 of each if I could.


Loving the Candy Shoppe Jawbreakers (ALL the colors!) - does that count as 3?

Iris Soscia

Red jellies, black polka dot corners and Washi Country.

karen oshanick

love these new products! if i had to pick 3 it would have to be washi tape set w/wood grain and cow print, blue ombre jawbreakers and yellow jellies. :)

Barb Wagar

wow.. nice selection! All yummy!!!

Lisa M

Washi tape, creative corners, and jawbreakers! Oh wait, I have to be more specific? If I can only pick 3 of all these wonderful products I have to go with the Christmas washi, Halloween washi, and the animal print washi.

Donna Ellis

Love the Candy Shop Jawbreakers!


Great stuff! Love the new products especially the soccer ball trendy tape, the rainbow jawbreakers and the jellies!

Katherine L

I love the jellies. I would need those in every color!!

Pam Boedeker

Halloween Washi and all the new Washi! Candy may be my new bling because it can be used with male or female cards and pages. Christmas or Hanukkah colored candy will be fun without adding bulk.

Pam Spradlin

The Christmas Washi Tape looks fabulous!

Sharon Young

I would love the Stylish Stix and pinwheels.

Aggie Stiefer

Love the candy shop and corners!

Debbie Burton

I love it all. Glad to see washi tape spread it's wings. :)

Ann J

I love the washi tape! So colorful.

Jersey Girl Anne

I love the jawbreakers and jellies!!!

Alison Alexander

I love the Halloween and rainbow washi tapes. I also love all the colors of the jawbreakers!

Vanessa Babin

Love the halloween tapes.

Katie Smith

I love the halloween tapes!


LOVE the new tapes - especially the soccer one!!! (now I need basketball and volleyball)


Love these new products!


seriously, I am dying... when can we buy these??

Katie Smith

love the Christmas and Halloween washi tapes!

kimberly Conlin

When do these ship??

Anna Ekman

Bright orange washi! And the rainbow colored ones. Awesome! And the candies looks yummy.

Beth E.

LOVE the boy themes I'm seeing! Comics! Camo! Paint splatters! Nicely done.

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